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Post by EXTREMENOISE on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:35 pm

we are a uk based extreme music netlabel

we aim to showcase the hardest,fastest,most interesting genre destroying music we can find.

DJ Kaos takes on remixing duties to bring a terrifying mash of digital noise wrought from the carcasses of previously release Braincore Recording tracks. With his usual no holds barred style and ability to make an unprecedented noise DJ Kaos will have you begging for mercy in no time.

+ If u havent already grab the first one

Cream Pie Vip

Relentless 001

Harshwire Hate 003

Relentless 002

Nebulist Mash

Chaos 300

Chaos 50

Drum N Bass,Breakcore,Death Metal,Experimental,Speedcore,Extreme Noise,Splittercore,Harsh Noise,Extratone+More!

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