Floppy Kick Records Summer Sale!

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Floppy Kick Records Summer Sale!

Post by floppykick on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:55 pm

Floppy Kick summer sale!
We need space for the new releases, so here is our summer sale!  Cool

5 release:   12 € (instead of 15)
10 release:  25 € (instead of 30)
20 release:  40€ (instead of 60)
surprise package (10 random release): 20€

catalog: http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.hu/p/blog-page.html

+ free stickers for each order
+ Eoforwine - Continental Equilibrium download card (ltd to 200 pcs, available only at live events)
+ eco releases (you can ask them for free for the orders above)

shipping rates:

each release comes with a download code, so you don't have to own
a floppy drive:)

order:  floppykick at gmail dot com
both PayPal and bank transfers are accepted.


also here is our Discogs distro with more than 2000 items;)


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