Floppy Kick Relocation Sale!

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Floppy Kick Relocation Sale! Empty Floppy Kick Relocation Sale!

Post by floppykick on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:11 pm

We have to relocate the label to an other flat very soon,
please help us with an order (and we don't want to lose anything).
All release comes with a download code, so no worries if you don't have a floppy drive.

We can offer you the following discounts:

-surprise package: 10 randomly chosen release + 10 random sticker only for 20€ (instead of 25)
-taster pack: 5 release + 5 sticker only for 10 € instead of 12.5€
-everything pack: all the available splits, singles, compilations and box-sets, + all the stickers with 30% off
-Eoforwine batch: all the available Eoforwine releases + 10 sticker (incl compilations & distro items) with 30% off
-distro batch: choose 5 item from the distro and get 25% off

All the orders will get an almost 60 minutes long exclusive
Eoforwine EP download card too, available only at local live events.

Both PayPal and direct bank transfers are accepted.
catalog: floppykick dot tk

order:  floppykick at gmail dot com

Thank you very much!   I love you

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