Australian noise/experimental artist looking for venues...

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Australian noise/experimental artist looking for venues...

Post by todd_ak on Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:39 am

[color=#ffffff][color=#333333]Hey all,

Myself and some other Australia based noise/experimental artists are heading to America in November and are looking for venues/record stores/warehouses/loungerooms/anything to play... And are looking for advice.

Our Starting point is New York, and then we shall head down the east coast to Miami.

Two of us are also visual/installation artists, and there'll be another two artists joining the journey. The plan is then to head to Portland where we may have some spaces to make some artwork in (may end up heading to L.A. too). In between we are pretty happy to adventure anywhere (also applying for residencies at spaces between).

Any help appreciated, even if its just records stores we can check out (and leave some releases at too!).

Hopeful thanks in advance, Todd.


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