Opinions on Physical Formats (tape/mini-CDR, CDR)?

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Opinions on Physical Formats (tape/mini-CDR, CDR)?

Post by chthonic on Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:43 pm

To all exp/noise ARTISTS/LABELS/STORES/DISTROS: Your opinions please on the following PHYSICAL FORMATS?
going to do something in cool special packaging. not sure what the music itself should be on:

CASSETTE (i think they're cool but don't really want to spend time duping each one, and the frequency range will suffer a bit)
MINI-CDR (slightly less cool, and easier to dupe, but can only fit 24 mins max, and how many ppl have players that can handle them?)
CDR (easiest to deal with but largest and also least cool)

your own personal reactions to each? (i'd buy that / i hate that / no one i know owns that player / etc.)

thanks in advance.

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