awesome blogs (4/12-ing)

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awesome blogs (4/12-ing)

Post by durrhurr on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:43 pm

Post your awesome blogs. Here's a few of mine:

Punk Not Profit

Obviously a great source for punk, but also has a wide array of hardcore, thrash, grind and even black metal. Lots of rare, OOP stuff; check out the truly rare Misfits mixtape of outtakes and rarities! This place was also where I was introduced to Dark Throne's superb "Too Old Too Cold" EP and the awesome oldschool hardcore band Pagan Babies (granted I've only recently gotten into the genre).

We Fucking Love Music

One of the few blogs, I believe, where you'll find Burzum and Gravediggaz in the same place. So at the risk of repeating the same insincere rhetoric used by the very poser subculture I hate, this blog has a little bit of everything: mainstream bands, more obscure ones, drone, black, techno, horrorcore, etc. Seriously, check it out. One of the newer ones I got turned onto.

Terror Noise Audio

Chances are most of you know this already, but if you love noise and haven't it's almost essential. Mostly harsh noise leaning towards the more limited and obscure releases, but also comes with plenty of weird ambient, field recordings and black noise (any blog that recognizes this painfully underpopulated and underrated subgenre is a winner in my book, though I personally prefer the term ERBM or Extremely Raw Black Metal). Something of an instant classic of music blogs.

Confederacy of the Wrong

Another one of the newer blogs I like, so I can't say nearly as much about it as others. Still, it looks very promising. Obscure vinyl rips from a variety of "non-music" genres, including kitchy x-tian shit, spoken-word experiments in horror and Lone Rager's "Metal Rap." The latter is worth the visit alone.

Attila the Hun

Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal. Gorgoroth to Willing Feet: well-known to barely known, in both noteriety and style. If you're looking for something obscure, chances are the links at Atilla are legit (which would be awesome if their pre-LLN DL's weren't 404'd Sad ). Doesn't have a band list but an advanced google search will do the trick.

The Static Fanatic

Another great noise blog, updated every day. Unfortunately a lot of these are either stuff you can find elsewhere. I originally thought the links were "shared" but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm making it sound really mediocre but please don't hesitate to investigate.

Figment's Fragments

My blog! Updates coming whenever I get the fucking chance!


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